Cultural-E Online Workshop for designers ‘Designing Positive Energy Buildings’

The Cultural-E team held the online workshop on ‘Designing Positive Energy Buildings’ on 16 February 2022 (10-12:00 CET). We presented the 2CAP-Energy Atlas, an online, freely-accessible tool that visualises cultural, climate and policy aspects of the building sector in Europe to guide you when designing Positive Energy Buildings (PEB). In addition, we introduced the design experience of the Italian PEB Demo as part of the Cultural-E Project.

The aim of the 2CAP-energy Atlas is to focus development efforts on appropriate technologies that are based on local climate factors and key cultural drivers associated with building occupants.

This workshop presented the beta version of the atlas and most recent developments on the GIS layers deployed, sharing the knowledge and results as well as collecting expert insights from designers, policy-makers and researchers in the building sector. The workshop was addressed to professionals involved in Positive Energy Buildings (architects, engineers, etc).

Have you missed the workshop? Watch the recording and check the presentations in the agenda below.

Workshop agenda
10:00 Intro: Cultural-E project and workshop objectives – Iván Luque Segura, RMIT

10:10 The 2CAP-Energy Atlas in a nutshell – Iván Luque Segura, RMIT

10:30 Paper dissertation: ‘Towards integrating occupant behaviour modelling in simulation-aided building design’ – Juan C. Mahecha Zambrano​, PoliMI, EURAC

10:40 Indoor Environmental Quality aspects for PEB design – Lorenza Pistore, UNIVE

10:50 Coffe break

11:00 Interactive activity [Guided exercise focused on data provision and design criteria for PEB design throughout the 2CAP-Energy Atlas tool -in early stages of the building design process. A structured poll questionnaire will be distributed with the aim to collect participants’ feedback on the tool functionalities and the information sourced] – RMIT, UNIVE, EURAC

11:30 Case study: Mediterranean Demo of Cultural-E [Guided presentation which focuses on the results and outcomes from the design process and the simulation-aided activities of the PEB Italian Demonstration Building. A series of questions will be proposed with the aim to discuss how the Atlas could better contribute to a successful PEB design process] – Cristian Pozza & Riccardo Pinotti, EURAC

11:40 Open debate [Collecting inputs for improving the Atlas from both perspectives, suitability of contents and operative aspects] – All participants

11:55 Wrap up and conclusions – Iván Luque Segura, RMIT

12:00 Closure of the workshop

More info:
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