Ostfildern-Ruit (Ostfildern, Germany)

Credits: Wohnbau Studio GmbH

  • Location: Ostfildern, southern Germany

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    Climate: Continental

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    PEB Key Features

  • N of dwellings: 21 + 1 commercial unit
  • N of floors: 4 (ground floor + two upper floors + attic)
  • Average surface area per apartment:
    Commercial unit, approx. 750 m2 – Residential units, average approx. 75 m2
  • Outdoors and common areas: green open spaces around the building, potentially partially green terraces

The demo consists of a single building owned by Wohnbau Studio GmbH (private real estate). With a mix of different floor plans and sizes, an attempt is made to appeal to a wide range of prospective tenants. The residential units will be realized as rental apartments. A large part of the lighting design will be pre-installed on-site in order to ensure energy-efficient lighting. The kitchens are also made available to future tenants, including energy-saving appliances.

A “power-saving switch” in the entrance area enables the tenant to switch off all secret stand-by electricity consumers centrally when leaving the apartment.

  • Solution Sets

  • Air-to-water heat pump
  • Photovoltaic system on the roof combined with electrical storage battery
  • House Management System (HMS)
  • Freshwater station
  • Commercial area on the ground floor ceiling fan
  • Decentralized Heat Pump (PHP) 5 apartments in the attic
  • Underfloor heating
  • Exhaust ventilation system
  • Execution of the windows not yet finally clarified – possibility for approx. 10 active window system
  • References

Technical guidelines:

  • EH40 (efficiency house 40) Standard
  • Effizienzhaus plus (including user electricity)
  • PEB Demo community and partnership

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Demo owner and Architect
Cultural-E technical advisor
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Engineering consultant

Contractors: to be procured