Demo Cases

Cultural-E will build four new Plus Energy Buildings as demonstration cases in different socio-cultural and climatic areas around Europe.

French Demo

The French demo is in Leers, close suburbs of Lille metropolis, in the north of France. The building is located in a peaceful environment yet very close to the urban…
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German Demo

The project is located in Ostfildern near Stuttgart. At an altitude of approx. 410 m above sea level the climate is classified as warm and temperate. Ostfildern is a city…
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Norwegian Demo

The demo is located in Østerås, Bærum, in a rural setting 11 km from Oslo City Centre. The climate can be classified as subarctic, but due to proximity to coast,…
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Italian Demo

The Italian demonstration building is located in Castenaso, near Bologna, in a rural settingcrossed by the river Idice and rich in parks and countryside. The location has a humid temperate…
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