Cloud-based House Management System (HMS)

The cloud-based House Management System (HMS) is a smart solution that optimizes the energy performance and comfort of buildings by integrating data from various sources and controlling different technologies. It is compatible with existing equipment and can be accessed by different users through a web portal and an app.

Key innovation figures

cloud based House Management System tool

The cloud-based HMS is a breakthrough in the field of smart buildings, as it enables not only tenants or end users but also owners and facility managers to be in full control of their building and subsystems.

  • It balances energy supply and demand, minimize consumption and carbon emissions, and ensure optimal indoor comfort, by leveraging data from indoor and outdoor sensors, renewable energy systems, storages, web services, grid signals, and other buildings.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that informs and guides the users on how to interact with the systems and adopt energy-efficient behaviour.
  • It is a non-intrusive system that adapts to the building characteristics and user preferences.
  • It is a cost-effective solution that requires no maintenance and can be easily integrated with existing equipment.

Testing & prototypes

cloud based House Management System design

The cloud-based HMS will be tested and validated in four real-life demo cases in different climatic and cultural contexts: a residential building in France, a mixed residential and office building in Germany, a nursery building in Norway and a social housing building in Italy.

The demo cases will be equipped with different types of sensors, renewable energy systems, storages and smart devices. The cloud-based HMS will be integrated with the existing equipment and infrastructure through standard protocols and interfaces.

The performance of the platform will be evaluated in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, user satisfaction and environmental impact. The feedback from the users and stakeholders will be collected and analysed to improve the platform functionalities and usability.

Technology development

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