French demo (Leers, France)

Credits: Vilogia

  • Location: Leers, northern France

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    Climate: Oceanic

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    PEB Key Features

  • N of dwellings: 19 units
  • N of floors: 4
  • Average surface area per apartment: 45 to 65 m2
  • Outdoors and common areas: green areas and car park shared by tenants

The Cultural-E demonstration building is part of a project of 4 residential building, owned by Vilogia (private social housing). Among the other 3 buildings, a “sister” one can serve as reference for comparison during the operational phase.

The project strategy is first of all to minimize the needs as much as possible by an important work on the design of the envelope (level of insulation, maximization of solar gains, thermal bridges treatment, compactness). The production of renewable solar energy is secondly sized to cover all the energy needs for the ‘5 uses’ defined in the French thermal regulations (heating, cooling, domestic hot water, ventilation, lighting) but does not consider domestic energy consumption (plug loads) which does not depend on the design.

  • Solution Sets

  • Packed Heat Pump (PHP) with dual flow ventilation and heat recovery, 1 per dwelling for heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
  • Triple glazing windows
  • House Management System (HMS)
  • PV panels on the roof and on neighbour building (reference building, Passivhaus)
  • References

  • Technical guidelines: PEB Definition established by the Cultural-E project.
  • Building certification processPassivhaus
  • Relevant policies and regulations: RT 2020: French Thermal Regulation for new buildings. The aim of Cultural-E is to achieve 80% of the maximum consumption authorized by this norm or even less if possible.
  • PEB Demo community and partnership

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