The Repository of reference building models of multi-residential PEBs is out!

Cultural-E project releases building simulation model executable files that will enable to simulate pre-defined building archetypes while tailoring the model by changing some input variables, such as envelope characteristics, technological solution sets for the HVAC system and weather data.

Two building archetypes are available representing low rise and high rise multi-residential buildings with the project defined Plus Energy Buildings solution sets:

The models allow for tailored input parameters options to account for 4 different climatic and cultural geoclusters characteristics. Detailed HVAC models and controls are available for two different solutions: 1) centralized HVAC system and 2) decentralized HVAC service performed by a compact heat pump unit for heating, cooling, dehumidification and Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

The models have been developed with TRNSYS software (version 18.02), and have been exported into executable files and used by anyone, without the limitations of needing a TRNSYS license or having to be expert users of this simulation software.

Download here the models and read the getting started guide.