Join our webinar on ‘Replicable solutions for sustainable Plus Energy Buildings’

Hosted by BUILD UP, the Cultural-E project organises a webinar on “Replicable solutions for sustainable Plus Energy Buildings: a comprehensive evaluation including energy performance, LCA, LCC and new business models” on 16 May 2023 at 10:00 am CET.

This webinar consists of an overview of Positive Energy Buildings and solution sets as developed within the Cultural-E project, followed by 3 presentations on specific topics related to the theme:

  • The first one will provide an overview of Positive Energy Buildings and how different technological solution sets can be used in these buildings. Moreover, these aspects need to take into account the cultural background of four geo-clusters, representative of Europe’s diversity.
  • The second presentation will provide insight into how the different variables (i.e., cultural, technological, climatic) affect the energy performance of these buildings and how harmonizing the control strategies is essential in cases where different technological systems are involved.
  • The third presentation will focus on the environmental aspects related to the considered solution sets, considering the whole life cycle of the building. Lastly, consideration of the life cycle costing is drawn, with a discussion on new possibilities in terms of business models that arise from these building typologies.

The expected outcome of this workshop is to disseminate the project outcomes, focusing on the different aspects of the developed solution sets, namely the energy performance and control strategies, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and new business models. Moreover, active interaction with the audience is foreseen, in particular at the end of each presentation, when the audience has the possibility to provide their opinion through a discussion guided by the presenter.



More info on the BuildUP website. Speakers’ slides at this link.



10.00 – 10.05      Presentation of BUILD UP, introduction to the webinar topic, and presentation of the agenda
BUILD UP Team member

10.05 – 10.20    Overview on Positive Energy Buildings and solution sets
Francesco Isaia, Postdoctoral Researcher, Eurac

10.20 – 10.40    Energy performance assessment and harmonized control strategies
Francesco Turrin, Researcher, Eurac

10.40 – 10.45    Poll discussion #1
Moderated  by Francesco Turrin

10.45 – 11.05    Environmental lifecycle impact (LCA)
Roberta Di Bari, Research Associate, University of Stuttgart

11.05 – 11.10    Poll discussion #2
Moderated by Roberta Di Bari 

11.10 – 11.30    LCC (Life-Cycle Cost) and discussion on new business models
Dr. Hermann Leis, Research Associate, siz energieplus

11.30 – 11.35    Poll discussion #3
Moderated  by Dr Hermann Leis

11.35 – 11.55    Q&A discussion
Moderated  by BUILD UP

11.55 – 12.00    Closing remarks and thank you from BUILD UP
BUILD UP Team member