Cultural-E featured on SmartBuilt4EU 2023 brochures

The Cultural-E team has been featured on the SmartBuilt4EU 2023 brochure on the EU-funded Innovations together with sister projects syn.ikia and EXCESS.

This brochure provides a portfolio of synthetic factsheets concerning 101 EU-funded projects, which have been identified and selected for their particular relevance to the Smart Building topic.
Read it here.

Cultural-E was also featured on the SmartBuildings Future Technologies brochure for the Cloud-based House Management System developed by project partner Advantic Sys.

This second brochure introduces several research projects in the field of Smart Buildings. Through these projects, the European Commission has been supporting innovation and market uptake of Smart Building Technologies and Services as they can not only complement renovations focusing on the building envelope or technical installations but can also step in where deep renovation cannot be contemplated.
Read it here.