Cultural-E Technology providers at Klimahouse 2020

VORTICE S.p.A. and Eurofinestra, two of the four technology providers of the Cultural-E project, participated at Klimahouse 2020, an international fair for renovation and energy efficiency in construction in Bolzano, Italy.

VORTICE S.p.A. presented NORDIK ECO, a range of energy-saving ceiling fans that will be installed and tested in the Cultural-E four demonstration buildings. Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, the NORDIK ECO is equipped with a brushless electronic commutation – an EC motor that ensures low-energy consumption and allows to regulate the speed accordingly to the specific needs.

It is also equipped with a reversibility function that inverts the air flow direction from bottom to top:  this feature improves the heat destratification. The process of mixing air to reduce stratified layers of temperatures between the floor (colder) and the ceiling (warmer), helps to maintain a comfortable environment even in cold-climate areas. NORDIK ECO was also featured in 20 and 22 January issues of the Italian magazine Il Sole 24 ORE (images below).

On the left: Vortice fair stand at Klimahouse 2020, Bolzano – IT
On the right: NORDIK ECO featured on Il Sole 24 ORE magazine

Eurofinestra presented the prototype of ZEN2020, a sustainable natural wood window designed on a modular frame, suitable for different climate zone, which integrates a subframe system to guarantee an easy installation (image below). ZEN2020 also features a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and integrated smart shading.

Eurofinestra fair stand at Klimahouse 2020, Bolzano – IT

All these features cooperate to reduce thermal bridges and to improve the indoor comfort of enclosed spaces. In this prototype vacuum glass was also tested: it is a new glass technology that allows to drastically shrink the high-performance triple glazing thickness, thanks to the vacuum technology. ZEN2020 will also be installed and tested in the four Cultural-E demonstration buildings during the next five years.  

On the left: ZEN2020 window profile
On the right: ZEN2020 technical drawing, section view