The Gardens Elderly Center / Örebro, Sweden / Designed by: Marge Architects / Photo by: Johan Fowelin

Climate and cultural-based solutions for Plus Energy Buildings

Cultural-E is a EU-funded project, which aims to define modular and replicable solutions for Plus Energy Buildings (PEBs), accounting for climate and cultural differences, while engaging all key players involved in the building life cycle.

Cultural-E is developing technologies and solution sets that are tailorable to specific contexts and energy demands, as well as performing a comprehensive optimisation of the value/cost ratio of Plus Energy Buildings.

Sets of design-for-assembly technologies are being developed through a careful mapping of European climates, building archetypes, and cultural energy habits. We are going beyond the state-of-the-art by maximising the share of the demand covered by renewable sources, towards zero emissions in the operational phase.

In a nutshell: the Cultural-E solution sets will be the result of a user-centric design process and will achieve and affordably maintain the best indoor environmental conditions in Plus Energy Buildings.

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