Objectives overview

Cultural-E strives to increase the market uptake of Plus Energy Buildings by proposing measures to overcome cultural factors and legal barriers.

Project results include:

  • design tools, to provide an interactive map of the different European geo-clusters in order to shape a common basis for the development of technology solutions-set for different climates and cultural factors
  • smart technologies such as the cloud-based House Management System, smart hybrid ventilation system, smart air movement system, and decentralized Packed Heat Pump system. Existing technologies such as photovoltaic/battery systems, thermal insulation materials, thermal mass activation and storage, shading systems will be further consolidated. Eight climate and cultural solutions sets will be developed
  • methodologies, to help designers to maximize the solutions co-benefits according to the specific context
  • policy recommendations, to accelerate the transition from nZEBs to Plus Energy Buildings by providing evidence-based recommendations that address cultural factors and legal barriers

Design tools

Smart technologies


Policy recommendations